AGIMA Illustrations / part II

Collages for AGIMA.RU

The new AGIMA style collages could be assembled from any stuff just in 5 minutes.
This collages became the essential part of AGIMA corporate identity and are presented on commercial offers, presentations, promotional materials, stands, etc.
You can create the collages using any digital stuff – or just use real-life improvised materials and take a picture of a result. It’s like an exercise in composition, it may take 2 minutes to make the collage, it may take 2 hours – it all depends on the designer, his inspiration and the laws of chance. The technique is simple so the collages could be made by anyone.
Every collage is assembled manually – it’s part of a story. Simple methods of expression and the opportunity to use any materials open up limitless possibilities for creative work.
Watch out animation on main page.
Digital or not - it does not matter. The approach is always the same. 
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