Astrowind “Fresh Wind in the Valley of Dreams”

Astrowind - "Fresh Wind in the Valley of Dreams"
albom cover

Sounds like psychedelic ambient, soviet synthesizers...

Astrowind might be a slightly ridiculous band name, especially if you consider the fact these two Latvian guys play lush ambient music on Soviet synthesizers. But nevertheless, it’s a good name. An accurate name, at least. Because there is a feel of acroamatic escapism, there are these huge chords of hissing analogue synthesizers and you can even find this special kind of Slavonian melancholia (or Baltic, respectively) people use to rave about. Astrowind bring up a lot of references in their beautiful and, well, obsolete music.
This is the full-length album by Astrowind wich leads listener to the world of supernatural reality - the world of blossoming syntesizer-pads and carefully built soundscapes.
You can download this wonderfull music here
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